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tts | Tráfico y Transporte Sistemas

  1. SEPStandard Toll System


    Standard Toll System

    Cutting-edge toll management product. More information Sistema Estándar de Peaje
  2. CCIIntegral Control Center


    Integral Control Center

    A totally modular web platform used for the geo-referenced management of infrastructure information in friendly graphic surroundings. More information Centro de Control Integral
  3. GIPComprehensive Surfacing Management


    Comprehensive Surfacing Management

    It programs future major roadway maintenance by incorporating the specific design and traffic characteristics of each concession, as well as the different regulations applicable in each country. More information Comprehensive Surfacing Management
  4. CDT Dynamic Traffic Characterization


    Dynamic Traffic Characterization

    Real-time traffic Characterization based on in-road sensors. More information >Dynamic Traffic Characterization
  5. SICC Computerized Monitoring and counting system


    Computerized Monitoring and counting system

    Counts and monitors levels of service of the infrastructure. More information SICC | Computerized Monitoring and counting system
  6. GIN Incident Management


    Incident Management

    Manages and optimizes handling of incidents on the expressway. More information Incident Management

Whowe are

Tráfico y Transporte Sistemas (TTS) offers global avant-garde technological solutions in the Intelligent Transportation Systems market. TTS offers products and services that focus on the operation and control of intelligent highways, designed further to the experience acquired by a Great Concessions Group.

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